Let’s work together to create a vibrant downtown destination for the Campsie Centre

In September 2016, the Campsie RSL Club lodged an updated Planning Proposal and Master Plan with Canterbury- Bankstown Council to guide the redevelopment of its Anglo Road landholdings in the Campsie Town Centre. The Master Plan provides for a quality mixed use development, including; an expanded club facility, high rise residential apartments and seniors housing, retail and other community uses such as childcare and fitness centres.

The updates that the Club has made to the Master Plan and Planning Proposal respond to the NSW Government’s advancement of the Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy. The Strategy is intended to guide the transformation and renewal of landholdings that surround the 11 railway stations along the Corridor and which include the Campsie Rail Station.

The Strategy recognises that improvements to public transport provided by the Sydney Metro Rail Project will increase the attractiveness of these centres as a place to live. The Strategy provides for the development of approximately 36,000 additional residential dwellings in the 11 centres along the corridor by 2036. With regard to Campsie the strategy establishes a housing growth target of 14,800 dwellings to be built by 2036.

The Club made the decision to update its Master Plan and Planning Proposal that it presented to the community at its July 2015 events to ensure that it was consistent with the planning controls now being proposed for the its Campsie Town Centre under the Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy.

Information about the updated Master Plan and Planning Proposal is presented on the website together with details about how you can learn more about the project.

The Club understands that the redevelopment of its landholdings may be a sensitive issue and they remain committed to working with the local community and interested stakeholders to realise the redevelopment of their landholdings into a new vibrant downtown destination.



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Why the Campsie RSL Club is embarking on this project?

The Campsie RSL Sub-Branch Club (Campsie RSL Club) officially opened its doors in an army hut in 1928. Founded by volunteers, it was the Club’s clear sense of community and love of country that fuelled its evolution into the hub of community life that it is today.

Over time, the financial responsibilities of the Club have continued to grow with the reach of its membership and its support of local school, sporting and community groups. The Campsie RSL Club, like so many RSL Clubs around Australia, has had to adapt to a financial environment that requires a sound strategic asset management approach to its land holdings.  Fundamental to this approach, is a review of the land use potentially afforded by the Club’s Anglo Road land holdings.

Today, the Club has 11,000 financial members and our membership reflects the rich multicultural diversity that underpins the Campsie locality. It is now important that the Club once again use the same insight and vison that its forefathers did 87 years ago and plans strategically for its membership going forward.

The project has the full support of the Clubs Executive Committee, being unanimously supported by the Board of Directors at its meeting on the 20th August 2014.