Formulating a New Design Vision

The first step in realising a new design and land use vision for the Club’s landholdings is a thorough analysis of the site and its town centre location. In design terms this is called understanding the site’s context.

This analysis has been undertaken for the project by GM Urban Design and Architecture.

We have detailed below some of the key opportunities and constraints that GM Urban Design and Architecture have identified.

Key Opportunities:

In developing a new design vision for the Club’s land holdings consider these opportunities:

  • The ability to introduce landscaping along the Anglo Road and Lilian Street frontages of the site.
  • The creation of a new frontage at Anglo Road that has cafes and speciality shops to complement the Anzac Park.
  • The ability to create a direct pedestrian link through to the Campsie Rail Station. It only takes 3 minutes to walk to the rail station.
  • The ability to introduce taller builders that provide views through to the Sydney CBD.
  • To introduce a vibrant new downtown destination at the end of Anzac Mall that will draw pedestrians through the Town Centre in an east west connection to complement the strong north south connection that is created by the Beamish Streets Shops. It only takes 3 minutes to walk form the Club through to Beamish Street

Key Constraints

In developing a new design vision for the Clubs land holdings we must consider these constraints:

  • The rail line provides a physical barrier that restricts north-south pedestrian movements.
  • No increase to the overshadowing of Anzac Park and Carrington Park during its key times of use.
  • Maintaining the amenity of the adjacent residential area to the west of the site with regard to overshadowing, visual and acoustic(noise) privacy.
  • The constrained local road network which makes direct vehicular movement to and from the site difficult.