Community Consultation Protocol

Urban Concepts advises that:

  • We will maintain a log of all telephone, email and mail enquiries received and prepare a report to Campsie RSL and Philon identifying the issues or comments raised.
  • We will ensure that all material forwarded to our offices regarding the project is forwarded through to Campsie RSL and Philon for response or for information purposes.
  • We will take every care to ensure that the comments and submissions raised by the community and stakeholders are faithfully represented and recorded. A Consultation Summary will be placed on the website at the end of the public exhibition period.
  • We will provide a record of comments to all participants who attend a given consultation event. A copy of the record will also be placed on this website.
  • We will respond to residents and stakeholders within 48 business hours of receiving a question via the feedback form, email or 1800 number.