The statutory process that is followed in NSW when changes are required to be made to a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) under NSW planning law is referred to as the Gateway Plan Making Process. The Gateway Plan Making Process is a NSW wide planning process that was introduced in 2009 by the State Government.

An LEP is a legal instrument that zones land and imposes standards to control development.

Before the Campsie RSL Project can proceed it will be necessary for changes to be made to the planning controls that relate to the Club’s land holdings under the Canterbury LEP 2012.

The specific controls in the Canterbury LEP 2012 that would need to be changed if the Campsie RSL site was redeveloped are:

  • The land use zones that apply to the site will need to be changed from B2 Local Centre and R4 High Density to a B4 Mixed Use Zone that permits the range of additional land uses being considered for the site.
  • The existing floor space ratio will be increased to 4:1.
  • The height control will be increased to accommodate a 25 storey building element.

A site specific Development Control Plan (DCP) will also be prepared. A DCP is a policy control that is adopted by a Council to guide how development occurs on a site. It will contain controls to establish building setbacks, site coverage, open space and landscaping, vehicular entry points and pedestrian access. A DCP can also address how development is staged on the site.

The finalisation of the Preferred Master Plan for the site informs the preparation of the Planning Proposal. A ‘Planning Proposal’ is similar to a Development Application (DA), however, where a DA seeks approval for a specific architectural design, a Planning Proposal seeks approval for amending statutory planning controls.

In September 2016, the Campsie RSL Club lodged the updated Master Plan and Planning Proposal with the City of Bankstown Canterbury Council seeking approval to amend the land use zoning, height and floor space ratio controls that relate to the site under the Canterbury Local Environmental Plan 2012 in the manner set out above.