Located in the suburb of Campsie and within the Canterbury Local Government Area, the site which is the focus of this project encompasses land which is bounded by Lilian Street to the north, Dewar Street to the east, Anzac Square and Anglo Road to the south and the residential lot No. 43 Anglo Road to the west. The landholdings extend beyond the Club’s existing entertainment premises and are all held in the single ownership of the Campsie RSL Sub-Branch. Refer Figure 1.

Existing development on the site comprises:

  • The Club premises which are located at 25 Anglo Road. The existing building is two storeys above ground level and of masonry and glass construction. The main Club entrance at the Anglo Road frontage. The premises were built in 1969 and have undergone a series of internal renovations over the last 45 years.
  • A 113 space at grade car park which immediately adjoins the Club building with vehicular entry and exit driveways onto Lilian Street.
  • A 95 space (temporary) at grade car park at 43-45 Anglo Road.

Key features of the site that make it suitable for a mixed use redevelopment include:

  • Its location within 200 metres of the Campsie Rail station, means that it is in close proximity to public transport.
  • It is centrally located in the Campsie Town Centre being adjacent to :

    • Anzac Park
    • Carrington Park
    • The Campsie Centre
    • Anzac Mall
    • Beamish Street Shops