Updated Master Plan Option & Design Principles

The development vision that the Club seeks to realise on their Anglo Road landholdings introduces seniors housing and apartment living, retail premises and a fitness and childcare centre onto the site. The existing Club facility is expanded and 1500 square metres of floor space is added to create a new club facility.

As the Club’s landholdings are located within 400 metres of the Campsie Rail Station, the Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Strategy identifies that the Club’s landholdings are suitable for medium to high rise housing. The Strategy establishes a 25 storey building height over part of the site and an increased floor space ratio control. These new controls are greater than those originally presented to the community at the July 2015 consultation events.

A comparison between the 2015 Master Plan controls and the updated Master Plan controls is set out in Table 1. The updated Master Plan is presented at Figure 3.

Table 1 Comparison of the 2015 Master Plan and revised Master Plan Controls


Under the updated Master Plan the increase in height and floor space is positioned at the Lillian Street frontage of the site in a single slim line 25 storey building element that is supported by a low rise 4 storey podium. This arrangement replaces the former 5, 13 and 16 storey building elements that were proposed under the original Master Plan in this part of the site.

The updated building form is considered to be an improved design response for the following reasons:

  • It achieves less bulk than the original Master Plan when viewed at street level from Anzac Park and Anzac Mall.
  • The 25 storey tower will provide a strong visual marker for the Campsie Town Centre from the railway line.
  • The placement of the taller building at the Lillian Street frontage ensures no additional overshadowing occurs to Anzac Park.
  • The creation of central plaza through the site will provide a much need north south and east west pedestrian connections.
  • The incorporation of retail premises within the pedestrian plaza and at the Anglo Road frontage will activate the public domain and create a vibrant downtown destination.



In March 2016, the Club held a design competition to validate and test the revised height and floor space ratio controls being put forward under the updated Master Plan. The design competition commenced with an open expression of interest from which 4 architectural firms were selected to proceed through to the design presentation stage. The competition was won by the architectural company Marchese Partners.

Marchese Partners has formulated an architectural solution for the site having regard to the updated Master Plan Controls. The artist’s impressions illustrating this architectural solution are presented at Figures 4 and 5.

20160828_rev-master-plan_25stFIGURE 3: UPDATED MASTER PLAN – GM Urban Design and Architecture


FIGURE 4: VIEW FROM ANZAC MALL – Marchese Partners campsie-rsl-perspectives-used-in-the-report_page_2FIGURE 5: VIEW FROM CORNER OF ANGLO ROAD AND ANZAC SQUARE – Marchese Partners